Monday, August 2, 2010

the mount

With everything that's been happening lately I've been feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed, so when Beth suggested a weekend break I jumped at the chance. Yay! A road trip and time away with Beth and Mikey..... The only reservation I had was where.... We decided to head to John's family bach at the Mount. It's always been a really special place for family holidays, special times away for John and I... and the last place we went for a holiday before he was diagnosed with end stage melanoma cancer. I tried to have a break there once before with the girls - a week after the funeral. That was a disaster! It made me so sad to be there and all the special places we used to hang out together made my loss sharp and painful. So for the last five and a bit years I've avoided the Mount. So with some trepidation, we set out....
It was kind of wierd rocking up to the bach on Friday night but okay. No feelings of sadness..... It actually felt nice to be somewhere familiar with strong connections and good memories..... but without the sharpness of the grief I had felt before. It was the most beautiful weekend ever. Sunny, crisp, clear, beautiful blue skies but freezing cold!
Here are some of the spoils from the markets and op shops. Oh the Mount does not disappoint! So much fun fossicking through piles of old books, patterns, china, linen and fabrics. I managed to find an apron for my collection. There are still vintage aprons out there at op shop prices!
Your Bible and You - full of outdated advice and more outdated illustrations. Priceless! Go Arthur S. Maxwell!
This cushion came with a free bag of spinach from a woman who is amazing at crochet and gardening!
Check out these knitting patterns. I think I am going to knit that cape..... or the beach suit with hot pants in the Fashion Knits book.....
When men were men!! Don't you want one of those 9 new styles?
"Modern Designs for Pillows.... In gay colours they'll add a brilliant touch of charm to your living room, sun porch or terrace." Can't wait to make them. My life needs a touch of charm!!
Winter beauty in the bach garden, followed by images from the road - Waihi, Paeroa....
Just a side note. I've never really looked at the mine at Waihi but was shocked at what I saw.... a good advert for a total ban of open cast mining. What happens to the land after we ravage it like this?
On a lighter note.... we caught up with Mikey's family and new baby niece, which was lovely. We wandered along the board walk, ate great food, talked, laughed and relaxed!! I also forgot to mention the Copenhagen cones - delicious! No trip to the Mount is complete without a Copenhagen cone!! Such a lovely weekend and just what I needed. I had forgotten how gorgeous the Mount is.... how spending time there at the beach (even in winter) is restorative.... it blows the cobwebs away. I came back feeling refreshed and a little bit further on in my journey towards healing and wholeness.

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