Tuesday, July 20, 2010

blanket statements

My gorgeous friend Melissa Gregan recently had an exhibition blanket statements to launch her range of embroidered artworks. Melissa is an amazing person - full of fun, life, creativity, with interesting ideas and observations bursting out of every pore of her body. She embraces life fully and has a million ideas and projects racing around in her head and taking various shapes and forms in her craft room. Melissa's designs have heart. They capture the little things about what it means to be a New Zealander. They are delightful, whimsical and can have a quirky twist. She uses vintage blankets and fabrics, beautiful designer fabrics, vintage buttons and trimmings. Her embroidery is meticulous. She spends hours making sure each piece is finished to perfection. The exhibition was a summary of her latest ideas, embracing aspects of kiwiana, nz flora and fauna and so much more......
The Southern Cross image is one of my favourites. It says "home" to me.
It's the finishing touches and details that are a signature part of all of Melissa's artworks. I love the addition of Guide and Scout badges. A great reference back to the traditional Girl Guide and Scout blankets that we would wrap ourselves up in at camps (well I did back in the day!). These have a modern day use as laptop covers.
Cigana Cafe was the perfect setting for Melissa's artworks. There was a lovely mix of vintage glass, china, furniture and accessories that made a natural home for them.
Photo by Beth Peters
Congratulations Melissa. It was a wonderful exhibition. I know how much thought, time, love, creative energy, patience and work that you put into it. So proud of you!!


  1. Stacy Egobooster McIvor - BLESS YOUR COTTON SOCKS!! Thank you Babe - I am really encouraged and moved and excited by your words. They truly mean so much coming from you, my inspirational muse!! Thanks Babe, thank you so much. PS. I love that photo of us - hope Bethy doesnt mind if i use it as facebook photo!!

  2. That's my Southern Cross cushion!!!!! Love it! :)

  3. thanks again stace, love you! so glad you got the cushion dee! fun!!! soon i will have one ready for binny xxxxx love you guys!



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