Monday, August 16, 2010

auckland zinefest

Last Saturday I got to be part of Auckland Zinefest, supporting Beth as she launched the second issue of her zine Craft - D. And just in case you're wondering "what's a zine?" here's a definition - a zine (an abbreviation of the word fanzine, or magazine; pronounced "zeen") is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or borrowed texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published work of special interest usually reproduced via photocopier.
St Kevin's arcade was full of people exhibiting their original, self-published texts and people keen to read them. It was an awesome experience going round all the stalls, talking to people about their inspiration and what their zines were about.... so much innovation and creativity.

Here are some of my favourites.... sweet little zines using illustration and photography to tell quirky stories, examining familiar things and portraying them in new and different ways, exploring interesting ideas in music and art.... 
This butterfly made from religious texts challenges the ideas that we hold about the value and meaning of sacred texts as they are recreated and reborn into new forms. Exquisite!

And Beth's beautiful zine, Craft - D Issue 2....
.... jampacked with interesting ideas, inspiration, reviews, collections, how tos and a really great read! I'm not biased! Others thought so too.... Beth had to leave Zinefest early so I got to talk to lots of people about what her zine was about and to see their responses to it. They loved it.... especially when they found out that each zine had a selection of things Beth has collected over the years - photos, cafe postcards, Shortland St cards and stickers. She sold almost all of her limited edition print run of 50 but you can download it from her blog craft-d. By the way, Beth's zine came third in the "Zine of the Fest" awards. Yay! So proud!

Zine definition courtesy of Beth Peters

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