Friday, August 27, 2010


This weekend I will have owned Bunny, my dog, for exactly a year. She was a totally spontaneous purchase, made on the spur of the moment. Over the last few years I've dealt with some really difficult circumstances and life has often felt really sad. So one day I decided that I needed to do something to bring joy back into my life and made a completely unplanned trip to the SPCA to look at dogs!

I've never really been a dog person so once I got there I felt a little scared walking round the dog enclosure. I wanted a small dog and felt that with my lack of dog experience, I needed an older, more settled dog. Well, there weren't many dogs that fit those criteria. I quite liked a corgi but it HATED cats. I knew a dog was going to be a shock for our elderly cat - Tinsel, so I passed on that one. That left Bunny, a medium sized staffy/terrier cross. She was ten years old and had been given to the SPCA because her elderly owner had gone into a rest home. I felt so sad for her.... one constant companion for ten years then suddenly they're gone. She looked elderly herself and was quite overweight. But she LOVED cats so that was promising.

Pretty Bunny. Look at those eyelashes!

I decided to have a closer look at her. They brought her out and I fell in love with her! Just like that! She was so friendly and seemed to like me. I took her for a little walk and I was sold. I just needed to bring Holly in the next day to see if they got along. Oh my gosh.... I was getting a dog! I texted Holly and Beth "I'm getting a dog!" They were both "What?" I'd had lunch with Beth the day before and I hadn't been getting a dog then.... I'd seen Holly in the morning and I hadn't been getting a dog then.... my reason - I fell in love! We picked up Bunny, the next day, on Holly's birthday. More a present for me!

Christmas Bunny

Her name has caused a few funny moments....
In the SPCA shop while buying a mountain of dog paraphernalia I called Bunny over to me.
A boy said "That's a dog not a bunny"
"I know she's a dog. Her name is Bunny."
"But she's not a bunny, she's a dog!"
"I know."
I carry on shopping. He turns to his brother and says in a disgusted voice, "Ooooh! I told her, that's a dog not a bunny."

or in general conversation....
"Bunny? You have a bunny?"
"No, not a bunny, a dog called Bunny!"
"I got her from the SPCA already named."

Or at the vets.... 
The vet comes in, looks at the computer, looks at Bunny, looks back at the computer, looks back at the dog, scrolls down on the computer, finally looks at me and says, "So how is Alfred today?"
"Alfred, noooo. My dog is called Bunny"

Beach Bunny

Bunny is delightful and very lovable. She's full of fun and is very affectionate. Her brindle appearance can be deceiving, making her look tougher than she really is. She's really a bit of a softie and is a sucker for anyone who will scratch her tummy! She has a sweet nature. She LOVES babies and children and is very gentle with them.

And a year on this is pretty much how she spends most of her days.... chilling out in her favourite chair. She does love Tinsel. Tinsel however is not so fond of her and it's taken almost the whole year for her to sit in the lounge with her. Bunny loves going for walks with me and is now trim and not overweight at all! I love coming home to her. She is always so happy to see me, greeting me with squeaks, barks and an out of control tail. She is great company, loves me unconditionally and is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!

Love you Bunny! xx

Support the SPCA Cupcake Day on Monday 30 August 


  1. How are their no comments on this entry?! Bunny close your eyes! I LOVE BUNNY! She is perfection itself. i love the stories of the name confusion. especially, how is alfred today?! what the...ha. well bunny, happy over a year brithday now my darling! I will come visit soon with some treats that will not upset your tum, like corn chips and hot cross buns. i wont let stacy stop me.

  2. And Bunny loves you so much. You are one of her favourites! She says thanks she'd love the treats! and I said no thanks - don't like the "presents" I have to clean up.... Bunny says come see me soon. She misses you! xox (from Bunny)



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