Tuesday, August 3, 2010

freezer paper stencilling

Our latest craft venture at Craft Nerds was freezer paper stencilling. The lovely Anna Sutcliffe has been freezer paper stencilling for a while and has produced amazing printed t-shirts, tea towels and assorted printed projects for her children, family and friends. I went in a bit lack lustre, feeling uninspired about what I might do on the night. I didn't really have a t-shirt I wanted to print so I was rummaging through my linen stash when I came across a plain napkin. There I would use that.....  next I chose a simple bird shape for my stencil and I was off....

Anna walked us through the following simple steps......
  • choose a simple shape to stencil (especially to start with)
  • trace around it on to the freezer paper
  • cut out the stencil image with small scissors or a sharp craft knife
  • iron stencil shape onto the fabric (shiny side towards the fabric)
  • iron freezer paper backing on the wrong side of the fabric (it stops the paint leaching through)
  • paint fabric paint onto the stencil shape (the paper protects the edge of design so it doesn't matter if you go over the edge a bit)
  • dry paint with a hairdryer
  • carefully peel the paper off both sides
  • iron with a hot iron for 5 mins to set the print
  • Voila! A beautiful print!
As you can see I've branched out from the plain napkin. I've printed cushions and lovely stripey napkins. I've also have another crow that looks like he's talking..... I'm so inspired!! I have lots more ideas in the pipeline.
It's so much fun, very easy and satisfying. And it looks amazing! Try it for yourself! You can pick up the freezer paper at Spotlight. I'll warn you though... it can be addictive!!

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