Friday, May 6, 2011

geelong - the sequel

My friends have described Geelong as Hamilton by the sea. I understand the comparison as Hamilton is smaller and slower paced than Auckland and Geelong is smaller and slower paced than Melbourne. The similarities end there! It is still reasonably large. It is the hub of some huge Australian-based brands, such as Cotton On, Emu and Ford. It has so many great places to shop and eat. There are a myriad of antique and vintage markets. It is full of the cutest little villas and gardens, historical buildings and architecture. It's interesting and lively without the pressure of fast city living. It's a great place to live!

Check out the vintage shopping. Oh my goodness! So many treasures! So much I wanted to buy if I lived there.

I loved walking around the streets - taking in all of the gorgeous old houses, gardens and historical buildings. It really is lovely.

Such a nice place to live. Don't you agree?

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