Sunday, April 17, 2011

geelong - part one

I recently spent a week in Geelong with my very dear friends - Damon, Tamsin, Josiah and Sophia. Geelong is one hour's drive out of Melbourne and is situated by the sea. It has a lovely relaxed seaside kind of feeling but it is still fairly upmarket with the shops, cafes, galleries and facilities that it has on offer.

Tam and Damo have discovered this amazing cafe/bar/restaurant called Mr Hyde. It is gorgeous. Situated in an old bank, it has a stately feel with beautiful fittings and decor. Everyone there greets us like old friends. I feel welcomed into the Mr Hyde family fold with open arms. The coffee there is delicious and meets Damon's exacting high standards of what constitutes a good coffee. We went there for brunch and endless coffees whenever possible.

Phia's first bubbacino. Fingers in first....

 .....then in the mouth. Mmmmm!

 Breakfast with Dad - Damo & Jojo

Gorgeous ladies - Tam & Phia
Phia is very happy to gather as may accessories as she can!

After brunch we meandered down to the waterfront. Tam and Damo often bike down to the waterfront with the kids strapped on the back of their bikes. They love it!

 Checking out the slide

 This is how you do it

 Yep! I can do it. Here I come!

The waterfront has a peaceful serenity. The harbour views are lovely and there is a lot of art and sculpture for the public to peruse and enjoy.

These painted bollard sculptures are carved from actual wharf bollards. They represent the people, history and aspects of life related to the wharf round Geelong. They do add life to the waterfront.

After some light refreshments we took a ride on the Thomas train that drives along the waterfront.

 Jojo took this photo...

 ....and this one. Did I mention that he is nearly three.... genius!!

 Put your hands up if you're the most awesome boy in the world. Yup!

 Cutest boy in the Geelong

Cutest family in the Geelong

Cutest couple in the Geelong! 

As you can see Tam and Damo are pretty relaxed here and enjoying life! I had so many fun times in Geelong. I'll follow up with some more posts looking at different aspects of Geelong and my holiday, including the houses, historic buildings and vintage shopping!! So much vintage shopping!!

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