Thursday, February 4, 2010

craft room

Over the last few weeks I've been sorting out Holly's old bedroom to use as a craft room. It was a big decision for her to shift downstairs to a larger room as she has been in that room since she was little. It was a huge job - shifting, sorting and cleaning.... then I've had to find places for everything. I've been trying to find ways to store all my crafty bits and pieces without it looking like a complete mess. I bought some blackboard paint and painted some cardboard shoe boxes and a large hat box (that was previously fluoro pink!). I love the way they look - smart black, labelled with white chalk. I also used some crates and suitcases as a contrast. I like the way they work together.

The really fun part was that after the cleaning and the sorting, I could decorate. Yay! When Holly was little, we painted her bedroom a beautiful rich sky colour and put stars on the ceiling to glow at night (her own indoor night sky). A perfect childhood room. I looked at the colour and decided to keep it. I really love the way it glows and it creates an atmosphere that's good for the spirit. I'm even thinking of keeping the stars!! Lots of treasured pieces that haven't fit anywhere else have found places in this room. They look amazing on the blue.....

A simple quilted piece I bought from an Amish woman in Pennsylvania.

"Hairy Woman" by Camilla Engman from Third Drawer Down.

My growing collection of handcrafted toys.

"Beloved" by Rachel Osborne

"Bunny" by Kimberlee Munn

"Owl" from Raven versus Pony

I love my new room..... it's a little haven in the heart of my house...... and Holly is enjoying the space and comfort of her new room (and her own bathroom!).


  1. gorgeous stace! love the blackboard paint idea . . . .might have to steal it!

  2. Stacey you are unbelievably clever. I love it! I am so stealing the balckboard paint paper box idea - genius!

  3. what they said. doing that too. bloody genius my friend! clever ducky...



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