Saturday, February 20, 2010

heart felt cookies

Lately I've been making heart-shaped felt cookies. People have been asking me why I'm making them..... to sell or give away? No, no good, practical reason. I've just been really enjoying creating them. It's funny because making them has made me feel really good. I've loved choosing felt "icing" colours and sewing on bead "hundreds and thousands". I had to go to several evening meetings and I just wanted to be at home making the cookies! As I finish each cookie I put it on a beautiful little rose vintage plate in my craft room. Why? To look at....

It's really got me thinking about making and creating, art versus craft. If I was painting a picture no one would ask why. It's okay to enjoy creating artworks for the pleasure of creating. With crafting, we seem to need a reason for doing it - to wear, sell, give as a present, make for a particular purpose. There is a place for creating craftworks for the pleasure of creating. It's okay!

So I am going to keep making cookies without any reasonable excuse. Just because.... At one point in my creating, I updated my status on Facebook saying I was making felt heart cookies. "Beautiful to look at, last forever and 0 calories...." Then Holly commented "Heart-felt cookies - made with love" and I thought yes they are. So if I ever do pass them onto other people I'm going to do so with that sentiment!

Heart-felt cookies - made with love by Stacy xx

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