Tuesday, February 9, 2010


On Saturday I boarded an early Jetstar flight bound for Wellington. We had the best landing ever. Smooth as silk, no turbulence, no wind. Is this really Wellington? Yes! Windless, blue sky, warm morning sun. And so began my perfect day in Wellington.....

The primary reason for my visit to Wellington was to see Yayoi Kusama's Mirrored Years exhibition on at the City Art Gallery. I arrived at the gallery as it opened and there was already a queue right out into the square. So many people keen to view Kusama's distinctive installations using repetitive patterns, forms and spots to explore visual and sensory perception and concepts of infinity. My favourite was "Fireflies on the Water". Here Kusama's dots are transformed into coloured lights representing fireflies. The room is totally dark except for the coloured lights that are reflected in all directions by mirrors and pools of water. As I stood on the platform, seemingly suspended in this amazing world, with all the reflections resonating out into infinity/eternity, I was overcome by the bigness of God and my place in his universe. It really was a spiritual experience.

After my gallery experience I wandered round Wellington......

....along the waterfront, Frank Kitts park and walkways.

....up Victoria and Cuba Streets to view the eclectic, interesting shops.
It's like wandering down Brunswick St in Melbourne but so much closer to home!

I loved Swonderful - full of wonderful handcrafted jewellery, clothes, accessories and so much more. Very inspiring!

....lots of vintage shops full of treasures at great prices. So much to see.....

....stopped for a refuel at Le Metropolitain.... beautiful food and friendly staff. A genuine taste of France in the heart of Cuba St.

....caught the cable car to capture spectacular views of the city.

My visit was rounded off with a visit to Te Papa and the Pompeii exhibition. A poignant, touching experience that left me a little overwhelmed.

My delicious, beautifully presented tart at Le Metropolitain.

Sevens fever was in full swing!
Guess what these guys are........
Views of the harbour and city from the top of the cable car.

Sigh! Bye Wellington. I had fun spending the day with you!

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