Sunday, January 31, 2010

let's go retro

I was thinking about what my new thing would be this week when my friend, Melissa, asked me if I wanted to go way, way, way out west to one of her favourite vintage shops. So that's how I found myself out at Swanson on the road to Bethells beach. Let's Go Retro deals in vintage kiwiana, collectables, books, toys, clothing, fabric, furniture and homewares. It's a visual feast with collections grouped and displayed together very attractively. There was so much there.

Melissa and I looked around, then looked in a more focussed way, then looked some more. It was a very satisfying way to spend a couple of hours. Such an intense perusal of all that the shop had to offer meant that we couldn't go home empty handed! I was very happy to take home a vintage hat box, "one cent" coin gold plated earrings, a vintage needle case, a silver "London" teaspoon and a large 70's style pennant from Rotorua.

Let's Go Retro, 717 Swanson Rd. Open Wed-Sun 10am-5pm


  1. awesome photos, sounds like such a great shop! i had to look it up on wises straight away - woot woot!

  2. Great photos Stace!! Mark loved the vintage copper tiki cufflinks. Cant wait for Thursday! xxx



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