Thursday, February 24, 2011

sad, sad, sad

Well Bunny, my beautiful dog, has gone. The tumour in her brain was aggressive and she deteriorated quickly. I had to make the hard decision to have her euthanased. How do you say goodbye to someone who was committed to you 24/7, who captured your heart (when you're not really a dog person), who loved you unconditionally and brought joy back into your life? How? Well you can't really. Holly and I were holding Bunny and stroking her as she passed away. It was so quick and peaceful. It is extremely hard to believe she has gone. The house is so empty without her. I haven't just lost a pet but a really lovely companion and friend.  I posted about Bunny last year. You can read about the impact she had on my life here

Love you Bunny girl. Miss you so much xx

This week has been a hugely tragic time for New Zealanders. Christchurch was rocked by an earthquake round lunchtime on Tuesday. It was a 6.3 magnitude quake. Not as high as the 7.1 magnitude quake on September 4 but much stronger as it was shallow and closer to the city. The devastation and loss of life are huge. I just cry every time I see news coverage, photos and hear the stories of survival and great loss. It's hard to believe that this is happening in our beautiful country. Christchurch, the garden city, looks like a war zone....

....and with New Zealand being the small country that it is, we all know people and have family, friends and colleagues who are a part of this tragedy. It's such an overwhelming thought. We are all affected. What can we do? As I watch from the safety of my living room I feel helpless but I'm praying. Praying for the people..... for their loss, their grief, their fear, for their recovery - mentally, emotionally, physically. I'm praying for help for them, for love and support - physical and financial, for the ability to rebuild broken hearts, minds, spirits, lives, homes, businesses..... If you are the praying type, join with me. You can also practically help Christchurch in it's hour of need by making a donation to the
Red Cross

And as so many people are saying Kia Kaha Christchurch. Even though you are so badly shaken, stand strong. We stand with you xxxxx

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Christchurch Cathedral  -
Pine Gould Corporation building - Mark Mitchell
Devastation -
CTV building -


  1. I'm so sorry about Bunny Stace. Sending Love xxxx

  2. sad sad sad. it sucks babe, i miss bunny. she was family.



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