Sunday, March 6, 2011

Merle Mavis McIvor

Today we said goodbye to Merle - John's beautiful Mum, Beth and Holly's precious Nana and my very special mother in law. She died on Friday, at the age of 81, after living a very full life. She was an amazing woman, who took all the joys and sorrows that life handed her in her stride. It was a beautiful day and she would have loved the send off. Her favourite thing was when all the family was together!

It was with much joy that we celebrated her 80th birthday in 2009.

Beth, Holly and I put together what we love about Nana and Merle (with a little bit from Mikey).....

Nana was generous and kind….  gentle and positive…..  supportive and encouraging.

She was humble, modest, understatedly talented and clever. She was so creative with her flower arranging, dried flowers, pot pourri and painting.

She inspired me to garden.

I have lots of wonderful, happy memories of the farm and the Mount and the cousins. Nana and Grandad gave us a really special insight into what a big, warm, loving, embracing family is like.

When I think of Nana, I think of her laugh. I loved her chuckle.

I love how much she cared about her hair. She was very particular about it and she would get it specially done for all of our significant events.

I loved eating meals at the farm and her house. She prepared dishes that I didn't eat anywhere else but they were special with Nana - like corned beef, boiled cabbage and porridge.

I really admired Nana - she was a strong, confident and independent woman.

I love it how Merle welcomed me into the family and was always so happy to see me.

I also love it how Merle welcomed me into the family with open arms. She was always so hospitable. She made the most amazing, delicious, melt in your mouth, light, fluffy sponge cakes. They were her specialty. They were legendary!

I love it that Merle had a special way of talking to babies and children and they loved it.  John also used that same voice when he talked to babies and small children. They loved it when he did it too! We called it his “Merle” voice!

In the last few months of his life, John drew great strength from his Mum. Her outlook on life and sense of celebration of all that is good, encouraged him and helped him through the dark times.

Family meant everything to Merle. She found great joy in hearing what you were doing and what was happening in your world. She took so much pride in her children and grandchildren.

Whenever I think of Merle, I can see her smiling. I loved the way she scrunched up her shoulders when something delighted her…. and that her laugh was a cross between a chuckle and a giggle. She loved life and had a great sense of fun and adventure.

She gave us the gift of love, life and laughter. We will so miss our delightful, bubbly, extremely lovable Nana and Merle but we’ll always hold her close in our hearts.

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