Saturday, January 30, 2010


Beth, Mikey, Holly, Bunny and I headed up to Mangawhai Heads for a week. We settled into our little bach, then headed out to explore. Over the week we swam, walked, hiked, played, golfed, kayaked, ate, drank, slept, talked and laughed our way through a raft of activities and places that Mangawhai has to offer. The weather was amazing - blue sky, hot sunny days. The best a NZ summer has to offer. Check out some shots from the holiday album.....

Highlights of the holiday were.......
sharing chores and cooking - made it really relaxing
gelato and chocolates from Bennetts - yum!
taking Bunny to the beach for the first time - ouch! hot, hot sand
taking Bunny for a swim for the first time - she can dog paddle but doesn't want to voluntarily
freshly baked peach and custard muffins - divine (had them twice!)
Mangawhai Heads ocean beach - blue sea and sky, pristine sparkling sand, spectacular!
first swims of the summer
best calamari ever at Sails Restaurant
Smashed Pipi coffee and food
shopping for vintage treasures at "Coolectables"
sipping on the delicious wine at Millar's vineyard
playing a hilarious round of mini golf at the slightly decaying Mangawhai mini golf course
playing Beanie for days on end
Mikey's holiday hair - that got bigger and more extreme as the week progressed
reading and generally lazing around
coming home with a great store of memories and good times
Found out that......
I'm too old to sleep on a bunk (suffered extreme claustrophobia in a room the size of my bed back home) and that Holly has the best work stories and that if Bunny breaks into the bone treats that are supposed to freshen her breath and consumes the whole packet the result is smelly and messy in all ways. Not fresh at all!!
Such a great holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my beautiful family. Thanks guys. Fun times!!

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  1. awesome! what a lovely holiday. Mike's hair - crack up! xx



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