Sunday, May 16, 2010

peachy keen vintage

I've often driven down K Rd and spied Peachy Keen Vintage out of the corner of my eye. I've always been on the way to somewhere else and haven't been able to stop. So last Thursday I made Peachy Keen Vintage my destination. I got a park almost directly over the road so I knew it was meant to be!
It looks fascinating, even from the window.... a veritable treasure trove of clothing, boots, shoes, bags, accessories, bric a brac and all things vintage. I spied some very stylish red Justin boots in the window only to find that they were too small. Then when I did find some red cowboy boots that were my size, they were too big when I got them on. Disappointed in the boot stakes, I turned to the hats.... only to find that my head is way too big. That's sometimes the thing with vintage - they made them small back then (clothes and people!). So giving up on boots and hats, I spent some time exploring the rest of the shop......
The shop is laid out so well, with collections of things that draw you in. They specialise in affordable vintage from the 1920's to the 1980's. It's good quality vintage, in amazing condition. They also have quite a few US imports. They know a lot about what they stock and can give you the full history or backstory to items you are interested in. It's a fascinating part of the whole vintage experience. I love finding out what made something special, the thought that went into it. You can make a stunning purchase to visually impress and then wow your friends with your new found knowledge. You can own a little piece of history!
So if you love vintage and have an hour or too to spend, you can while away an afternoon (or morning) browsing through their extensive vintage collections. You'll never know what treasure you'll find. The Real Groovy store has the biggest selection of vintage cowboy boots that I've ever seen. After my boot and hat disappointments and thinking that I would go home emptyhanded,  I was delighted to discover a 1980's knitted skirt with a lightning bolt motif (very David Bowie) in their Real Groovy Store. 

Check out Peachy Keen Vintage at 374 K Rd - 09 377 2733 or at Real Groovy, Queen St - 09 377 2337

You can also buy and sell on the vintage trading website -


  1. The shirt you got sounds amazing! Can hardly wait to see it - any chance of a photo?



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