Sunday, May 16, 2010

mother's day

This year I had the best Mother's Day ever! It started with two Mother's Day services at St Paul's. I've been working on these services for the past month with the youth and children. They contribute to, host and take an active role in the services. The youth put together 200 gift bags and 200 handcream gifts for the mums. The Children's Church staff team made 400 heart chocolates for the gift bags. The preschoolers decorated pots for their mums and the primary aged children did canvasses for their mums. We go out of our way to think up ways to honour and bless mums and to make them feel special. It's so much fun! 
Some of the youth read out memories of their mums. These are my favourites:
Mum, I remember when you came to prize giving and when I got a prize you were the only person standing up and clapping for me.
I was bullied and you stood by me and told me that everything would be alright and that you would sort it out.
I got hurt emotionally at school and when I came home you cleared up my pain.
You would recite the “Do not fear” poem to me at night before I went to sleep.
You held my hand when I was a flower girl at my aunty’s wedding and you walked down the aisle with me because I felt afraid.
You were selfless and I was selfish.
You prayed for me... you gave me kisses and hugs... you made me happy!

The services went really well.  I was extremely proud of everyone who took part. The kids did an awesome job and I think that all the mums went home feeling special and very loved! I know I did! It was lovely to have both of my girls, Beth & Holly, there with Mikey, my son-in-law, and his family. After church we headed out for an amazing lunch at Mezze Bar with Mikey's Mum & Dad, Sue & Graham and his sister, Nikki. So nice to celebrate Mother's Day with our extended family. Sue and I got really spoiled with gorgeous flowers and "Spoil Mum" vouchers we can redeem any time!
Then Holly, Beth, Mike and I spent the afternoon meandering around town, hanging out, shopping, checking out the "Mum" post-its in the Whitcoulls window, looking at books in Borders and just enjoying each other's company. We finished off the day with the movie "New York, I love you!" What made it the best Mother's Day ever? Spending time with the people I love the most, laughing and having a good time!

Here are some special "Mum" moments from our family album......
Thanks for making me a mum!
Love you beautiful girls xx

Photos are from Beth Peters and Stacy McIvor

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