Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Egg Project

Over Easter I was involved in an exhibition called The Easter Egg Project. Easter these days seems to be all about eggs so the exhibition embraced the Easter egg concept with a twist! People were invited to create an installation on a plate using eggs to reflect what Easter means to them.

Contributors ranged in age from two to fifty. Installations were thoughtful and innovative - ranging from clever and quirky to meditative and deep. There was a real sense of celebrating the redemptive and hopeful aspects of Easter, with the transforming power of Jesus' death and resurrection expressed in a variety of ways (with the eggs!)......
It was great to see people engaging with the installations. Reactions included - "thought provoking", "challenging", "moving", "made me laugh".... There were great discussions about what people had portrayed and the feelings and thoughts that they evoked.

I came away with a real sense of awe and wonder... loving the creativity, variety and depth of the messages... pondering on the mystery and power of what Jesus did all those years ago and what it means to me today .

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