Wednesday, October 8, 2014

pink star walk

Well, the third round of chemo is done. Only one more to go!! Yay!! It was touch and go to as to whether it would be postponed due to a very low white blood cell count. After several blood tests, with the last one an hour before chemo was due to start, I was given the thumbs up. That was such a relief as I just want to keep moving forward on schedule without any more surprises. The actual chemo went well but I am way more nauseous this time. I know I can keep doing this with a good supply of anti-nausea meds, lots of rest and the continued support of my very lovely family and friends.

This is Pink October - Breast Cancer Awareness month. Did you know that every day 7 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand? Every day!! That is a heartbreaking statistic. Two of my dearest friends - both young women, are now walking their own breast cancer journey since I was diagnosed. It feels like an epidemic. The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation are at the forefront of research, communication, information and practical support for women, men and their families going through diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. The work they do is wide reaching and key for reducing the incidence rate, early detection, effective treatments and lowering the death rate from breast cancer. You never know when you will need them...

This is me last year.
Still smiling with just a few kilometers to go!
Almost a year ago I was a Golden Charity runner fundraising for the New Zealand Breast Foundation in the Auckland Half Marathon. I did it for my sister Karen, in honour of her courageous journey with breast cancer. I started training at the beginning of the year, running 1.5 km and sounding like I could die imminently! After 11 months of training I completed the beautiful 21.09 km course, including running over the spectacular Auckland Harbour Bridge, in a reasonable time. Even with a serious knee injury! I was elated. It was my biggest, physical challenge since having babies!! I fully intended to do it again this year. But this year I've had a different sort of marathon to complete - my very own breast cancer journey. Life is full of the unexpected!!

This is me now.
Feeling a little bit droopy after chemo. 

So not as smiley as when this photo was taken!
In Pink October there are many breast cancer related activities to help raise awareness and funds for ongoing treatment and support. Several of my lovely friends - Helen, Alex and Estelle are doing the Estée Lauder Companies Pink Star Walk at the Auckland Domain this Saturday October the 11th. I am feeling incredibly overwhelmed and touched as they do this to encourage me and cheer me on. They really need your support in the way of donations to reach their fundraising goal of $600 dollars. If every person reading this blog donated $5 that would help them to reach that goal. You can check out what they are doing and how to make a donation here.

Thank you for your ongoing messages of love and support. They make a huge difference to me and my family. Love you all so much!! xox


  1. You still have a stunning smile that shines on all those around you even after three rounds of chemo! You are a joy to be with. It's an honour to drive to your home once a week to be with you. Love Nique

    1. Thanks 'Nique. You are a very special friend and encourager. Love you a million xox



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