Monday, June 4, 2012

queen's birthday jubilee

Well, after almost a year out of the blogisphere, I'm back! I've been pouring a lot of creative energy into my new job and just haven't had much left over for blogging. I've really missed it, so here I am again...

It's been a long weekend in New Zealand, celebrating the Queen's birthday alongside the jubilee celebrations in England. I do have a soft spot for the Queen and royal-themed souvenirs. Here are some of my royal treasures...

 Catherine David "Queen's Head" blackboard 
(from Holly who now lives in London and attended the jubilee celebrations in person!)

 Vintage coronation tin
(from Beth who found it on Great Barrier Island. Who knew such treasures were hidden there?)

 Crafty Union Jack cushion 
(from my sister Meredith who bought it in England for me) 

It's been so much fun to embrace the Queen's birthday and jubilee this weekend. No royal celebrations are complete without freshly baked scones...


Union Jacks


and the most amazing "Queenie" jelly made by Beth. Two litres of boysenberry jelly no less. The mould was a gift from my friend Helen who lives in England (and is also aware of my fondness for Queenly jubilee souvenirs).

Here she is before the unmoulding

 Nervous lifting

 Phew! She is set and looking lovely (if not slightly disturbing when she wobbles)

 Delicious! The destruction has begun...

Kiwi royalists

"Happy birthday and jubilee celebrations, Ma'am!"
(Flags and crowns courtesy of Holly)


  1. Oh what a lovely way to celebrate queenie's birthday! I spent mine with a rotten rotten little boy - he had no sense of timing or nothin! Anyway, you've inspired me to make scones tomorrow, that might just make him nicer... xx

    1. It was so much fun! I haven't made scones for such a long time.... Hope you had a better time today xx



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