Wednesday, October 6, 2010

more paper art

Beth and I have been making paper pompoms. We were inspired by an idea from the October issue of Your Home and Garden magazine. We went through a process of trial and error to perfect our skills and have added to their basic instructions. Beth managed to create beautifully shaped pompoms whereas I'm still developing mine! I'm not ashamed to admit that several of mine didn't make it to public display!

If you would like to make your own pompoms, these are the simple steps we followed....

1) Cut 8 layers of tissue into a rectangular shape. We used old paper patterns as we have a lot around (any sort of tissue paper is fine).

2) Fold the tissue into pleats like a fan.

3) Tie wire around the middle of the pleated tissue. Trim each end of the tissue to a point. 

4) Gently pull the layers of tissue out to form a pompom shape. Don't pull too hard as it tears. I learned this from experience!

 And there you have it.... a finished pompom!!

We made lots of different sized pompoms and hung them from a light like a chandelier. Lovely!!

 Photo by Beth Peters

And while we're talking about paper art, here are my latest Gideon's Bible paper sculptures....


  1. stacy!! you continue to inspire me!! i love love love them!! all of it. legend!! xx

  2. Thanks babe. I love all of that paper stuff so much!!

  3. Love your blog...beautiful words, beautiful pictures, beautiful inspiration!



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